Thursday, 19 August 2010

Limbering up for ipodge! FAQs

What IS iPodge?

Ipodge is the way YOU are going to stop stuffing your face and lost TEN POUNDS ( we hope) in a month.

How can i get ready for iPodge?

You could eat a lot now - thus ensuring a pretty spectacular loss.
You could get a lot of piercings that will weigh you down in week one
You could get your head around NOT eating bread (thats a biggie)

BOOZE - I cant not drink!

Well, the choice is yours. personally I am going to do no booze week one. Thereafter I suggest the ESP (empty stomach principle) where you have ONE glass early doors as you start to cook (say about 7 30) then hide the bottle.

Will I need any special kit?

NO! we just eat less food. No stupid low cal choc drinks or sweet replacements.

Do I need to excercise?

Of course thats a good idea but not compulsory.

When do we weigh in?

 I wanted Monday am but everyone moaned. SO its Friday. we will start at the number 100 to avoid revealing rl weights. YOU do need scales, none of this " just get my clothes looser" shit


  1. are we doing kg or lbs for the weigh in?

  2. ah feck, I need to limber up my brain...what do you MEAN "start at the number 100 to avoid revealing rl weights"???

  3. Am in. (am maths fanny so will also need further enlightenment on the weight code thingmy)

  4. Start at 100, deduct or add every pound you lose/ gain. So at the end of week one you will be 98 or 101 etc etc

  5. I am tentatively starting now (need to lose the wait sooner!) but in a fannying about "eat healthier, clothes looser" kinda way...
    I will start in earnest with Team Ipodge.