Friday, 3 September 2010

ANy stragglers want to join ipodge and unsure where to start?

we weigh in on fridays. You need to follow @ipodge on Twitter for routine bullying
you can pretty much determine your own diet but I use an ancient WW hybrid of NO carbs ( except cereal) and loads of veg.

  •  Reduce your protein size. Grill or poach all food.
  •  Try to avoid adding fat (this is why i avoid carbs as i cannot resist it)
  •  Avoid cheese
  •  BLACK tea and coffee (tastes better anyway)
  •  NO snacking on biscuits or cakes, only snacks are unlimited fruit.
  •  REDUCE  alcohol using the empty tum protocol
  •  DONT have takeaways.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

iPodge soup

 this is a great lunch. tasty and  the calories are so low oyu need a magnifying glass

one onion
one large carrot
celery ( no? oh dont be so blardy fussy)
half a swede
pasrnip( small)
Leek ( one)

you CAN get all of this in a casserole veg pack, waitrose do one, that is pretty easy to pick up in a hurry.

  • chop all any old how. sweat( not fry) in pan with a tiny bit of oil
  • bung in a kettle of boiling water.
  • add your own homemade stock ( or two knorr veg stockpot things)
go and do something worthwhile

return to pan. get a whizzy stick blender and BLAST IT. add chopped parsely.
you can at this point add poncey soup pasta but that obv is carb tastic.

this is a GREAT lunch if you have a meal out you cannot avoid in the evening. Avoid going too mad with the veg - you want a balance, Otherwise it ends up like baby food. NO salt reqd as stock has masses.


imagine stepping on the scales and it being on 90!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

so you are realising day one is tough?

DONT STOP NOW, if you do the whole day has been in vain.
 Imagine getting dressed and your waistband is loose, your arse never looks big in ANYTHING
you waltz into shops and buy a size smaller.
 all the things you HATE now about your body will be gone. You will on the other hand be bloody dull.
So COURAGE mes amis!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

morning fatties here we go!

new scales - gasp
 am seriously ON TASK Now
 have a great day! remember NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS BEING SLIM FEELS!

RE twitter by the way

if you preface any dull diet related tweet with @ipodge - only those following you and it ( i think) will read it.
I'll try and get on there and shout at you so do post @ipodge any moments of weakness you have - or maybe another dieter will be ahem " robust" in "encouraging " you.

weigh in tomorrow and make a note of it. we are starting from 10 ( did we agree that?)

Flipping heck tucker

Went to John lewis to get new scales. its a minefield out there. There are some that record your weight so you can have different profiles in the family.
Mum  - 11 stone
 Mum - on one leg 10 stone
Mum breathing in - still 11 stone
Mum after a kilo of potato - 22 stone

In the end i went for the cheapskate ones  - they measure in incremenets of 200g fgs - so every single cube of chocolate will count.