Tuesday, 31 August 2010

You do it YOURRRRRRR way

there wil be no strict menus here, we are all ancient, we know how to do it. For the (one) person who asked me,, mine is a variation on WW one from years ago.

typical day:
breakfast  - small cereal coffee( have black anyway)
break  - apple
lunch - ipodge soup( more later) or if at school then plain chicken, salad, no carbs
Supper - grilled or poached small meat/fish and veg (MASSES of) fruit

thats it.
 If i have pasta its with a tomato/veg sauce, no cream no bacon ( sniff)


  1. OKay, I am trying to cut out bread but not all carbs...will that work?
    As you know, I tentatively started already but then I "knew" I hadn't really started so ended up eating verrrrry wrong things.
    Yesterday started well...
    Grilled bacon with grilled tomato & mushroom
    Salad with lots of salad veg & some halloumi (ok, quite a lots of tiny cubes of halloumi!)
    Fish & chips (I know, I know...but youngest child had small accident and interfered with my healthy dinner-making mojo).
    Egg with mushrooms and the tiniest drizzle of maple syrup.
    lunch will be cauliflower with a wee bit of cheese sauce.
    Dinner will be grilled spicy chicken & veg.

    I'm going to stay a heffer, aren't I?

  2. you are doomed.
    sort it sister.
    do you want to remain a munter?