Thursday, 2 September 2010

iPodge soup

 this is a great lunch. tasty and  the calories are so low oyu need a magnifying glass

one onion
one large carrot
celery ( no? oh dont be so blardy fussy)
half a swede
pasrnip( small)
Leek ( one)

you CAN get all of this in a casserole veg pack, waitrose do one, that is pretty easy to pick up in a hurry.

  • chop all any old how. sweat( not fry) in pan with a tiny bit of oil
  • bung in a kettle of boiling water.
  • add your own homemade stock ( or two knorr veg stockpot things)
go and do something worthwhile

return to pan. get a whizzy stick blender and BLAST IT. add chopped parsely.
you can at this point add poncey soup pasta but that obv is carb tastic.

this is a GREAT lunch if you have a meal out you cannot avoid in the evening. Avoid going too mad with the veg - you want a balance, Otherwise it ends up like baby food. NO salt reqd as stock has masses.

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